Buy a MojoHead, Get a Presale Pass! (special promo)

2 min readMar 24, 2022

Limited time offer will last until April 5th.

A MojoHeads presale pass is your access key to minting a MojoHead. We expect a sellout during the Group C presale (like Group B), which begins on Tuesday, April 5th.

Limited Time Offer

From now until April 5th:

  1. Buy a MojoHead from OpenSea
  2. Get a free Priority Access Pass (per MojoHead)
  3. We’ll airdrop the pass to your wallet address within 48 hours

This is an amazing opportunity to score a free pass and also start earning future $MOJO tokens by diamond handing your MojoHeads.

The current MojoHeads OpenSea floor.

Upcoming Milestones Collection 🏆

Earlier today, during MojoLive 25, the highly anticipated details of the upcoming Mojo Milestones collection were released. To earn these coveted NFTs, you’ll need to diamond your MojoHeads (list above 2 ETH, or delist).

HODL MojoHeads > Earn Milestones > Claim $MOJO

Early artwork from the upcoming Milestones collection

Group C Artist Lineup 🔥

The Group C lineup is spectacular. Artists planned for this group include Justin Aversano (Twin Flames, Quantum), Steven Rea (Brain Vomit Gardens), Sean (Cryptoon Goonz), Kira Bursky (Magic Minds), and more than 20 others!

Visit for the latest info and mint page. LFMOJO! 🚀




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