MojoHead holders now curate the art, keep the art! (Angel Fund)

3 min readApr 21, 2022

NEW innovative utility for MojoHead holders while rewarding smaller artists in the most fair way possible.

The Angel Fund

Formerly known as the Art Fund (or Community Fund), the Angel Fund is a community treasury originating from 20% of all gross sales (primary and secondary) from MojoHead NFTs.

The goal of the Angel Fund is to support the greater art community through various initiatives. Those initiatives include education, artist grants, giveaways, and direct art purchases.

The Old Way

The vast majority of the Angel Fund is used to support smaller artists by purchasing art directly on NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, Foundation, and Objkt.

Artists would share their art on weekly MojoHeads Tweets or in the Mojoverse Discord art channels. Winners were chosen randomly, then art would be purchased directly by the MojoHeads Art Vault.

The randomness was meant to keep the process fair, but it also invited scammers/cheaters to exploit the system through fake accounts and even stolen art. As a result, we paused the art sharing contests to seek a cleaner approach.

New & Improved Curation

We’re now transferring control of the art curation to the hands of our most prized and trust members, the MojoHead NFT holders.

How will it work?

  1. Each week, 7 MH holders will randomly be selected to curate art.
  2. Those individuals will choose a single 1/1 art they wish to own from select NFT marketplaces (up to 0.15 ETH).
  3. Our team will make the purchase on their behalf and transfer the NFT to them.

How will the winners be selected?

Each unlisted MojoHead acts as a single entry to a weekly match game where we select an Artist of the Week. If you hold a MojoHead matching that artist, you enter a final raffle where 7 winners are decided weekly.

Weekly contest example:

  1. Lets say Hariology is the artist of the week (21 matches).
  2. If you hold a Hariology MojoHead, then you automatically qualify!
  3. A claim victory form is then required (with your art selections).
  4. If more than 7 individuals claim victory, then we’ll randomly draw 7 out of the total claimed to win for the week.
  5. Rare name plates gain additional weighting in the final draw. Weighting is as follows: Red = 1x, Graphite = 2x, Chrome = 3x, Hologram = 4x.
These 21 NFTs would qualify if Hariology was chosen!

How to Claim

Every week during MojoLive (Streaming Wed from Discord), a new set of MojoHead traits will be announced.

If you hold a matching MojoHead, you’ll simply fill out this Google Form to claim victory. If more than 7 individuals claim victory, we’ll run a raffle to determine the prize winners.

Limits: 1 victory claim per person, per week. 1 prize (per person) every 2 wks.

Curation Criteria

Some very basic criteria will be in place for the winners.

  • Artwork must not cost more than 0.15 ETH
  • Artwork must be on Polygon or Ethereum blockchains.
  • Artwork must be for sale (buy now), auctions do not qualify.
  • Artwork must be an original piece of work by an independent artist.
  • Acceptable marketplaces: OpenSea, Foundation, Known Origin, Sloika.

Winners Selected Weekly

Our goal is to award 7 new winners weekly, as long as there are still ETH in the Angel Fund.

  • The chosen artist will be revealed during MojoLive (every Wed)
  • Artist (of the week) will also be posted on Twitter, Discord
  • Don’t forget, only unlisted MojoHeads qualify to win!

A google form must be submitted within 36 hours to claim victory. Those who fail to submit the form will no longer qualify for that week.




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