What are MojoHeads NFTs?

Learn about what makes these artist collectibles so unique.

2 min readJun 6, 2023

MojoHeads are NFT collectibles minted on the Ethereum blockchain. Each collectible represents a current and rising star of the web3 art world.

Every MojoHead is hand crafted (non-generative) by our senior designers at JoyPixels (our sister brand). We collaborate directly with each artist in shaping their base avatar and capturing their distinctive signature in digital format, which becomes a unique trait. Every artist has 21 unique expressions, some rarer than others.

To date, 78 artists makeup 1,638 total NFTs. Our mission is to bring attention to artists through NFTs. Every artist submits their appearance preferences and goes through a revision/approval process. Artists are selected by the community and previous MojoHead artists.

Mint History

MojoHeads made its debut in November 2021, and has minted three groups of artist since then! These highly sought-after collections generated 175+ ETH in volume and 20% of mint fees (40+ ETH) have been used to support up-and-coming artists within the industry.

Group A Artists
Group B Artists
Group C Artists

Group D will be launched when market conditions improve. We have signed a roster of 23 talented artists so far.

Perks of Ownership

MojoHeads are more than just a pretty collectible. They also unlock the full potential of the Mojoverse!

📖 Official Utility Guide

Where to buy?

Here are the NFT marketplaces we recommend:

Magic Eden

The current collection on OpenSea has been delisted. A message from the founder regarding OpenSea… Twitter Thread

Official links:

Disclaimer: Holding MojoHeads carries no promises of future returns and is intended solely as a digital collectible. Perks are never guaranteed and may change at anytime.




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